2015 Achievements

December 4, 2015

Fayetteville Fire Department

2015 Year End Reporting for State of the City Information

Major Accomplishments/Services

​1. Responded to 5.9% increase in calls for service over 2014. Estimate 9,800 calls for 2015.
​2. Analyzed survivability rates, response times, and call volume to provide the information that was used to identify improvements to the system in the form of an additional fire company.
​3. Awarded the Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the amount of $72,471 to purchase and install extractors, which are specialized cleaning equipment that removes carcinogens from firefighters’ personal protective gear.
​4. Awarded 14.2 acres of land for Training Facility by the City Council
​5. Implemented the usage of a national testing network and fitness certification for firefighter entry level testing in order to increase diversity through a broader pool of candidates.

Increase services to the public

​9800 calls for service projected in 2015. That’s up 5.9% over 2014 and up 38.2% since 2010. 
​431 Business License inspections using 857 man hours 
​273 Build/Sprinkler Plan reviews 
​Through public education the Fire Department contacted 5856 adults/children

Save taxpayer money

Continued cost recovery for Hazardous Materials incident responses 
​Continuing Interlocal cooperation agreement for Hazmat service fees

Make Services more convenient for the public

​ 430 Service calls to check smoke alarms, strange odors, shut off water, etc.

Increase public information and awareness of what your department does

Through Public Education contact with 4365 children and 1491adults 
​Working closely with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to develop an organized response to events involving Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism.

Improve working conditions and environment for our Employees

​Vaccinations and immunizations for all personnel to NFPA standards 
​Expanded capabilities of our communications systems to better work with neighboring departments 
​Worked with Media Services and Water/Sewer to educate and resume hydrant maintenance by fire companies. 
​Physical exams annually for entire department 
​Continued the Labor Management Team process 
​New Hires – 6 
​Promoted to Driver/Operator – 5 
​Promoted to Captain – 4 
​Promoted to Battalion Chief-1 
​Promoted to Assistant Chief-2 
​Wrote specifications, and purchased 75 foot ladder truck delivered in summer, 2015—4 aerial ladders to cover the city. 
​ Wrote specs and sent out to manufacturers for bids to purchase a new Engine with delivery in 2016 
​Upgraded Mobile Data Terminals in Apparatus 
​Upgraded Door Entry Systems at multiple stations 
​Expanded and improved the training and exercise program:
​   • Certified 3 personnel as Advanced EMT’s for work with Police ERT
​   • Shared training on the forcible entry prop purchased through grant funds with PD
​   • Station Six and Station 3 personnel certified in ARFF and the inspection by FAA
​   • Personnel participated in the Crosswalk Safety Day
​   • Hosted Spring and Fall Potluck for the City • Utilized a $10,000.00 forcible entry prop purchased through grant funds
​       o Shared the prop with the Police Department and other departments
​   • Certified a list of Firefighters as Back-up Driver Operators
​   • Personnel attended the Mid-States Conference
​   • HazMat Technicians attended HOTZONE training at Houston
​   • HazMat Technicians helped facilitate and taught at the Arkansas HazMat Conference in Little Rock
​   • Purchased and Finished out modifications to Training trailer

Personnel attended the following training:

​    • Chief Hardin attended EFO Program at NFA
​   • Assistant Chiefs Good and Hunt achieved Safety Officer Certification through ADEM’s Incident Management Team program.
​   • Biological Awareness training with FBI
​   • Specialized Air Monitoring class at EPA facility
​   • Rope Rescue Technician
​   • Collapse Rescue Technician
​   • LSU/FBI Sampling and Collection Course in Hot Springs
​   • 4 personnel attended FDIC
​   • 9 Personnel attended the Mid-States Conference
​   • 9 HazMat Technicians attended HOTZONE training at Houston

Increase inclusion of all Fayetteville residents

​Conducted a Fayetteville Family Fire Safety Day again this year. This event was held at Fire Station 1 during the National Fire Prevention Week. 
​Helped sponsor Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the park by providing the water and Fire Company for the kids to play with

Decrease waste and increase sustainability

​ 
​Ordered LED lighting for new Fire Truck 
​Continue to replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs 
​Continue to use fire station computers for ‘live classroom’ training and remote meeting attendance

Improve and maintain our web page on the City’s website:

​Moved to the new Civic Plus website content management system

Social Media Use

Expanded Facebook and Twitter social media presence for Fire Prevention, Training and recruitment 
​Over 1,400 Facebook likes spanning 10 countries 
​Continue using YouTube for training videos

Honors and Awards Received by Fayetteville Fire Department in 2015

​Assistance to Firefighters Grant of $72,471 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the purchase of Specialized Cleaning Equipment that removes carcinogens from personal protective equipment. 
​Fayetteville was re-certified as a Firewise Community again for 2015 and received a $500.00 grant. 
​Fayetteville was recognized by the Fire Wise Commission as being a 10 year member 
​Received 20,000.00 in Haz-mat Equipment through a grant for Washington County with approval for another 45,000.00 in 2015/2016

Challenges during the past year

​Number of calls for service continues to climb each year. During 2015 the FFD responded to approximately 9800 calls for service.

Major Goals and Initiatives for 2016

​Infrastructure Development of Training Grounds 
​Implementation/Training/Placement of New Fire Company Personnel