Rolling Hills Drive

Note: This page was last updated May 1, 2018

On the City’s Master Street Plan (a guiding policy document) – existing and possible future sections of Rolling Hills Drive (between College Avenue/HWY 71B and Crossover Road/HWY 265) are designated as “principal arterial.”

In anticipation of updating Fayetteville’s City Plan 2030 and at the request of area property owners, City staff is reviewing the City’s Master Street Plan and considering revisions. This provides an excellent opportunity to consider alternatives to the designation and directional layout of the roadway.

Rolling Hills Drive - 1965

When Rolling Hills Drive was built in 1965, City documents described it as a “commercial thoroughfare.” The definition of “thoroughfare” is simple – a way of passage from one point to another. Commercial uses of roads usually generate higher volumes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic as compared to residential roads. City staff believes that Rolling Hills was built in anticipation of the need for four lanes of vehicle traffic. However, the roadway has only had two lanes of traffic and a recent addition of a bike lanes. Rolling Hills Drive has been designated as a major roadway connecting College Avenue to Crossover Road for approximately 20 years.

City staff has held two public meetings. After hearing resident input and reviewing numerous factors such as traffic speeds and volumes; public feedback from the Fayetteville Mobility Plan; historic, current, and future land use patterns – City staff is recommending downgrading Rolling Hills Drive from “principal arterial” to “collector.” 

The current zoning in the nearby neighborhoods, including nearby undeveloped land, is a combination of RSF-4, RI-12, R-O, R-A, NS-G, and P-1. City Plan 2030 defines the area as “Residential Neighborhood” with Butterfield Trail Elementary School as “Civic Institutional.” (Information can be viewed via the interactive Land Use Map, Zoning Map, and Fayetteville Code of Ordinance's  Zoning Regulations)

City Council Meeting Agenda for May 1, 2018

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Rolling Hills Drive Master Street Plan Recommendation to the Planning Commission

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