2019 Bond City Facilities Projects

These projects will create more efficient working spaces and energy use, continuing the internal implementation of our City’s Energy Action Plan as a role model for other cities to follow. With this investment, we will  stay ahead of call volumes and response times to provide services to our residents and keep them safe while they enjoy the amenities of our beautiful City.

Phase one will focus on restoration of the Town Center Plaza. 

Town Center Plaza Restoration

The planned project has budgeted $500,000 for the engineering and construction cost to repair the deficiencies. Those repairs include:

  1. Clean, tuckpoint and waterproof the brick planters and retaining walls. This will remove the effervescent film (white streaks) from the brick and help prevent future occurrences.
  2. Clean, tuckpoint and waterproof the precast caps on the walls. This will reveal a clean, like-new appearance and will also help eliminate the effervescent occurrences.
  3. Remove and replace entire concrete surface, allowing potential for new patterns in the concrete and proper expansion joints to be installed. This will also eliminate water penetrating through the slab which has caused spalling and separation.
  4. Remove and replace existing trench drains. This will eliminate potential trip hazards and supplement the drainage off of the plaza deck.