Lost a Pet

If your pet is lost, first check your immediate neighborhood and talk to your neighbors to see if they saw your pet and, if so, where, and let them know that she/he is missing and have a picture with you to show them. Many times your pet may have stayed close to your home, but a neighbor took her/him in thinking she/he was a stray.

Online Database

Fayetteville Animal Services also maintains an online database where you can search for your lost pet. Go to the Animal Shelter website to search for your lost pet. Make sure to select "Found Pets" as well as "Stray Animal Search"

File a Lost Pet Report

Complete a lost pet report to submit your pet's information and picture electronically to the Shelter staff.

Stop by the Shelter

The most important thing you can do, however, is to come down to the Animal Shelter and look for her/him yourself. There is no one that can identify your pet better than you. Come to the Shelter every 2 or 3 days and look for your pet.

Lost Pets in the News
The Democrat Gazette will allow you to run a lost pet ad at no charge for three days. Contact the Democrat Gazette at 479-571-6400 for more information. Also, the Fayetteville Arkansas Craigslist page has a lost and found section that can assist your search, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can help spread the word.

Other Places to Look

Also check with veterinary clinics in your area and describe your pet or bring a picture of your lost pet to the clinics. You might also try other area shelter, just in case. Contact the Washington County Animal Shelter at 479-695-3450 or Springdale Animal Services at 479-750-8163 to check with them.


For more information, please contact the City of Fayetteville Animal Shelter at 479-444-3456.