Class Descriptions

All resources are free for residents of Fayetteville, students attending the University of Arkansas or Fayetteville Public Schools, and employees of public institutions and non-­profit organizations based in Fayetteville. Residents of Washington and Benton Counties can utilize the resources for a $50 annual membership fee.


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Class Types

Basic Classes

  1. Orientation
  2. Basic Field
  3. Basic Editing

The Orientation Class is designed to introduce you to Fayetteville Public Access Television and to the Fayetteville Television Center. You will receive information about policies and procedures, take a tour of the facilities and equipment and also be given the opportunity to find out how you can get involved by taking classes and producing television programs. This class is a prerequisite for all other classes.

Studio Classes

  1. Studio
  2. Studio Lab

The Studio Production Classes are designed to teach you how to produce television programs in the Fayetteville Television Center’s studio. The classes consist of the following five topics.

  • Studio Directing and Technical Directing (Length: 120 min)
  • Studio Audio (Length: 90 min)
  • Studio Camera and Lighting (Length: 90 min)
  • Floor Directing and Studio Crew (Length: 90 min)
  • Studio Graphics (Length: 90 min)

After completing each class, you will be qualified to serve in that role as a production crew member.

Advanced Classes

  1. Advanced Studio
  2. Advanced Field
  3. Advanced Editing

We offer two advanced classes to individuals who have completed the required Studio Production classes.

  1. Advanced Studio Directing and Producing (Length: 120 min)
  2. Studio Green Screen Production (Length: 90 min)

These classes are designed to further the skill set of production crew members with the goal of helping enhance the quality of productions taking place in the Fayetteville Public Access Television studio.