Fire Department Careers

If you're interested in a career in firefighting visit the Fire Department to learn more about the Department.

Application Process

Applications are currently being accepted. To apply, view Current Job Openings and proceed to apply for Firefighter. In order to meet all application requirements, you must include electronic copies of the following required documents:

  • Birth Certificate or proof of citizenship
  • GED or High School or College Diploma
  • Driver’s License
  • DD-214 for applicants with prior military experience
  • Proof of passing the Candidate Physical Ability Test (See below)

Applicants less than 21 years of age must possess one of the requirements listed below at the time of application:

  1. Arkansas EMT certification or National Registry EMT certification
  2. Medical certification or license at a higher level (paramedic, nurse, etc.)
  3. 12 college credit hours
  4. Firefighter I and Firefighter II certification through IFSAC
  5. Accredited Fire Academy certification (NFPA, Pro-Board, etc.)
  6. A minimum of two years of honorable service in the US Armed Forces including National Guard.

By completing the process outlined above, you have applied for the position of Firefighter with the City of Fayetteville. You must also take and pass an entry level test and a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) in order to move forward in the selection process. The process to schedule and take both the entry level test and the CPAT test is outlined below.  

Testing Process

 The following steps must be completed in order to sign up for the mandatory testing process.

  1. Visit the National Testing Network
  2. Select "Firefighter Jobs"
  3. Select "Fayetteville Fire Department" from the list of firefighter jobs in Arkansas and click "Continue"
  4. Follow the directions to select a FireTEAM testing location and date
  5. Schedule a date to take the Candidate Physical Abilities Test, (CPAT).

Applicants must achieve a passing score on the written FireTEAM test in order to be eligible to complete the testing process. The minimum passing scores for this test are: 70% Human Relations, 60% Mechanical, 80% Reading and 70% Math. You may wish to login to NTN’s website and compare your scores to see if you’ve achieved a passing score.

Practice Exams

Practice exams are available online. It is not necessary for an applicant to purchase a practice test in order to pass the written test. However, applicants who take time to familiarize themselves with the test and ways to prepare for it may tend to feel more confident when taking the test.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is June 5, 2023. By this deadline, candidates must have completed all the steps below.

  1. Taken the written entry level test through National Testing Network, Inc. and signed up to have your score sent to the Fayetteville Fire Department.
  2. Taken and passed the Candidate Physical Ability Test, (CPAT), either at a National Testing Network location or in Northwest Arkansas at testing sites offered by the NWA Metro Chiefs Association.  Only a CPAT licensed by the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) will be accepted. 
  3. Submitted a City of Fayetteville employment application for the position of Firefighter with proof of passing the CPAT attached to the application.  This document must be valid at the time of the application deadline.

Eligibility Review and Interview Process

Following the application deadline, the Fire Department will complete a review of the employment applications, required documentation and test scores to ensure candidates meet all requirements. Within four weeks of the application deadline, candidates who are eligible to continue in the testing process will be contacted by the Fire Department. Eligible candidates will be scheduled for two panel interviews - one with members of the Fire Department and one with members of the Civil Service Commission. These interviews are the final phase of the testing process.

Thank you for your interest in a career with the Fayetteville Fire Department.