Who to Call?

This page provides details to the various public works departments, divisions and program areas throughout the City. Learn information about programs, services, contact information, capital projects and more. Visit our Department Directory for contact information specific to each department or division.

Often several different departments or divisions are involved in any specific public project within the City. This page provides information to help Fayetteville residents determine which department to contact if you have questions or concerns. 


  • Handles design and project management for infrastructure projects
  • Reviews development proposals for compliance with technical requirements such as water, sewer, streets, drainage, and grading
  • Manages stormwater and water quality initiatives
  • Assists in acquisition of right of way, easements
  • Floodplain management
  • Trail programming, design, permitting


  • Street and sidewalk construction and maintenance
  • Trail construction
  • Right-of-way maintenance
  • Drainage systems maintenance
  • Traffic control and maintenance
  • Cutting of grass on areas adjacent to public property
  • Snow and ice removal


  • Manages and Water and Sewer service set-up and billing.
  • Includes Water and Sewer Operations, which maintains the City’s water distribution system and sewer collection system, and the Wastewater Treatment Division.

Development Services

  • Manages Business Licenses
  • Provides planning, land development, building, fire safety, and permit coordination services for anyone undergoing any type of construction within the city to ensure compliance with applicable city and building codes.
  • Development Services comprises the Building Safety / Code Compliance, and Planning divisions.

Building Safety

Reviews building permit applications for compliance with Arkansas Code regarding fire prevention, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and gas systems, energy code, and the Unified Development Code. 

Code Compliance

Enforces City Codes and educates residents about code requirements


  • Reviews zoning and development applications for compliance with the Fayetteville Unified Development Code. 
  • Reviews building permit requests, signage, outdoor lighting, and architectural design for compliance with the regulations established by the City Council.
  • Managing long-range planning to meet goals established in the City Plan 2040.