Property Information

The city's land surveying and acquisition staff are responsible for maintaining records of city properties and easements. The surveying group also maintains the city's surveying monuments. All of this information is available to the public and may be accessed at the link below:

GIS Land Records Interactive Map

City-Owned Property

The City of Fayetteville owns several properties around the city. These properties may be for sale periodically. For information about a specific property, please contact Holly Jones (479-444-3414) or Brandi Samuels (479-444-3421) in the City Engineering Division's Land Agent office or contact the engineering front desk (479-575-8206). The process for purchasing city-owned property is outlined here:
  1. Contact Land Agents’ office for technical information—location of property, current purpose, and possibility for the city to sell.
  2. If property can be sold, a formal written request must be sent to the Mayor’s office.
  3. The Mayor’s office will present the proposal to the City Council by following the steps outlined in Section 27 of Chapter 34 of the City Code.