Land Surveying

Survey Section Responsibilities

The Survey Section is responsible for a wide variety of tasks and services, such as topographic surveys for engineering design, determination of public right-of-way, as well as boundary and control surveys for the design and construction of the city's capital improvement projects. These projects include street widening and reconstruction, trail easement acquisition and construction of sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights, storm drains as well as sewer and water lines.

City Survey Tech
M-15 Reset geodetic survey marker on the ground

Survey Monuments

In an effort to preserve survey monuments and markers and to have these monuments and markers retained and present after construction, we ask that a registered professional surveyor with the State of Arkansas sign an affidavit (PDF) before a certificate of occupancy is to be issued.

In the past, surveys were done and boundaries were marked with the surveyors being the first of the progression in the construction phase. More often than not, the survey markers were disturbed and or destroyed. The affidavit (PDF) is designed to alleviate the wasted efforts of setting survey markers which are only destroyed later.

Monuments Coordinates

What if my coordinates do not match the City of Fayetteville published monuments coordinates?

City data is converted from latitude and longitude using NAD 83 (86) Grid Data. There are networks in the area using HPGN (High Precision Grid Network). See online conversion tool under quick tools on this page.

Email questions to Daryl V. Doyal, P.S., City Surveyor.