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The City of Fayetteville offers 47 parks ranging from cozy Neighborhood parks to larger Community Parks to the 620-acre Kessler Mountain Regional Park, each with its own attractions and special features, such as nature trails, ball fields or basketball courts, picnic areas, pavilions and more. This page features links to some of the City's most popular parks, but there are many more than are shown here. 

View a full listing of all City parks. You may also refer to our Interactive Parks and Trails map to find a park close to you.

Neighborhood Parks

Fayetteville has dozens of small, family-friendly parks in neighborhoods throughout the city to provide close-to-home recreation for City residents. 

Community Parks

Community Parks are larger than neighborhood parks, and include a variety of features such as nature trails, ball fields, basketball courts, picnic areas, large playgrounds, dog parks, splash pads and more. Fayetteville's Community Parks include Underwood, Bryce Davis, Gulley, Walker and Wilson Parks.

Lakes and Regional Parks

Fayetteville has three lakes and two regional parks that offer a variety of great outdoor experiences. Lake Fayetteville, Lake Sequoyah and Lake Wilson all offer fishing and boating, hiking trails, and natural areas. Lake Wilson is also an off-leash dog park.  Lake Fayetteville offers fishing, bicycle and boat rentals, miles of hard-surface and natural-surface hiking and biking trails and sports facilities such as baseball fields. The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is also located at Lake Fayetteville. 
Fayetteville's Regional Parks include Kessler Mountain Park and Centennial Park At Millsap Mountain.

Park Pavilions

Many parks feature covered pavilions that can be reserved for family gatherings, birthday parties, etc. Pavilion reservation is free for groups of under 75 and events lasting under four hours.

View our online catalog if interested in reserving a pavilion or field.

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