Alarm Permit, Appeals and Ordinance

The monitoring of the alarm ordinance is currently being restructured and will be placed on hold until early September 2023 during the update process. We will update this information here when the restructured ordinance has passed and a new monitoring company has been selected. 

The City Council, in an effort to reduce the number of false alarms, passed an ordinance requiring anyone with an alarm (businesses and residences) to have a permit. There is no cost for the permit, however, the ordinance, which went into effect on March 1, 2009, also spells out penalties for those who do not have a permit. View our Frequently Asked Questions section for questions and answers.

Getting Your Alarm Permit

You may have been given an application by your alarm company, but you may also download a PDF copy of the application. You can also register online here. Please note, Javascript must be enabled for the registration site to function properly. It is best viewed in Chrome, FireFox or Microsoft Edge. Some handheld devices may not work well with this system. For those, we recommend registering by calling 1-877-575-0933. There is no cost for the permit.


The purpose of the alarm ordinance is to encourage alarm users to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness of their systems so as to reduce or eliminate false alarms. False alarms unnecessarily consume officer time, waste fuel, increase the risk of accidents and over time, reduce the quality of police service to other areas with a greater need for officer presence.

False Alarms

From 2003 to 2007, there were more than 17,000 false alarms in the City. In 2007, Fayetteville Police responded to 3525 false alarms, which comprised approximately 9% of the total number of calls for service to the police and more than 800 manpower hours. Those are hours that could have been spent patrolling neighborhoods or serving the public in other ways.

City of Fayetteville False Alarm Reduction Ordinance