2006 Transportation Bond Projects

Major transportation infrastructure and mobility projects are funded through various sources, including the Transportation Bond Fund, the Capital Improvements Fund, and through federal-aid funding. 

In September 2006, City of Fayetteville voters approved a bond issue for the purposes of improving the City's transportation system. The $65 million bond issue, along with state and federal funding of $24.6 million, is providing funding for numerous transportation improvement projects, including intersection projects, new locations, major widening projects, street enhancement projects and bridge rehabilitation projects. The City is currently undergoing a Mobility Master Plan that will be updated to prioritize projects for the coming 10 years.

The projects included in the Transportation Improvement Bond Issue were selected by the Transportation Committee and the City Council. In addition to projects managed by the City, the Arkansas Department Of Transportation (ArDOT) has several projects under construction and in planning/design. View all ArDOT projects.

The transportation projects found on this page are all an integral part of the arterial loop, a system of east/west and north/south roadways around the perimeter of the City, connected with miles of trails and sidewalks.

"We have a 20-mile box around the city that we've designated as the major growth area, and we plan to have four-lane roads surrounding this box. Green space and wide shared-use paved trails will be on one side of the roadways and sidewalks with green space on the other side," said Mayor Lioneld Jordan. "You can take a bus. You can drive a car. You can ride a bike, or you can walk around the city."

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2006 Transportation Bond Project Overview

The 2006 Bond Issue provided $65 million for the purposes of improving the City’s transportation system and completing construction of the West Side Water Treatment Plant, and $2M for trail improvements. The bond issue, along with State and Federal funding of $24.6 million, provided funding for numerous transportation improvement projects, including intersection projects, new locations, major widening projects, street enhancement, and bridge rehabilitation.

Updated 12-19-2018

Cato Springs Road

Reconstruction and widening to 2 and 3 lanes, with curb and gutter and sidewalks, from Hwy 71B to Razorback Road.

Status: Complete

College Ave

(Rock to Maple) Sidewalk replacement, tree and landscaping installation, decorative lighting, and removal/reconfiguration of existing driveways to provide better access management and increase safety.

Status: Complete

Futrall / North Hills Roundabout

Status: Complete 

Gregg Avenue / North Street intersection improvements

Status: Complete

Highway 71B Flyover Bridge 

From 71B to Fulbright Expressway.

Status: Complete

Highway 112 (Razorback Road)

Widening Highway 112 to four lanes from MLK to Leroy Pond 

Status: Complete

Historic Bridges

The restoration of the Maple Street Overpass Bridges and the Lafayette Street Overpass Bridge. Funding was provided by the Transportation Bond, plus $1 million from the Federal-aid Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program.

Status: Complete

Mt. Comfort Road

Intersection improvements at Mount Comfort/I540/ Shiloh/Deane Solomon Rd. and Widening of Mount Comfort Road, from Rupple Rd. to Alpine Ave.

Status: Complete

Old Wire Road

This project includes an overhaul of the intersection at Mission Boulevard and Old Wire, and improvements from Mission Boulevard to Stanton.

Status: Complete

Regional Park Access Road

Status: Complete

Rupple Road

This project was an extension of N. Rupple Road as a four-lane boulevard to provide a much-needed arterial roadway from south of Owl Creek School to 6th Street. To be completed in three sections.

Status: Complete

Sain Street Extension 

Planning, design, and environmental review of a connection between Vantage Drive and Sain Street, including a connection to the flyover bridge at 71B and the Fulbright Expressway.

City Council approved awarding a construction contract to Crossland Heavy Contractors, the low bidder, in the amount of $4,380,859.87 on December 1, 2020. 

Status: Complete

Trail Construction

The 2006 Bond project had 2.1 million allocated for trail development. These funds were used to construct the Razorback Regional Greenway sections in Fayetteville (also known as Scull Creek Trail). The City was so efficient with the funds that remaining bond funds were used for the Meadow Valley Trail once the Scull Creek Trail was complete.

Tree Planting: Crossover Road, Garland Avenue, and Van Asche Blvd

Status: Complete

Van Asche Drive Extension

Widening and improvement of Van Asche Drive from N. Gregg Avenue to Garland Avenue (Highway 112), including new location from Roosevelt Avenue to McGuire Street. Intersection improvements at Fulbright Expressway/Shiloh/North Hills Blvd.

Status: Complete

Wilson Park, Washington / Willow Traffic Calming

Includes traffic calming, intersection improvements at Gregg Ave. and North Street, bridge rehabilitation of Maple and Lafayette railroad bridges, and street enhancements along Gregg and West Avenues and Maple and Lafayette Streets.

Status: Complete

Zion Road

Addition of curb and gutter, bike lanes, and sidewalks, and widening to three lanes at major intersections from College to Crossover

Status: For the most recent updates, visit the Zion Road Improvements page.

ARDOT Projects

The following projects in the Bond Program were designed, contracted, and administered by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) or its consultants/contractors. The City paid a portion of the costs from Bond funds. The rest was funded by ArDOT.

Crossover Road: (Hwy 265) from Mission to Joyce.
Status: Complete

Hwy 16 Improvements: From Armstrong to Stonebridge Rd.
Status: Complete

Garland Avenue: From North to Melmar
Status: Complete