Persimmon Street to Congressional Street

rupple 2.png

What is this project?

As the second segment of the Rupple Road project, these improvements will widen the existing section of Rupple Road from W. Persimmon Street to Congressional Street. The project will include:

  • Four lanes divided by a center median.
  • Addition of a dedicated right turn lane at the intersection with W. Wedington Drive.
  • 8-foot-wide sidewalk along the east side of the roadway from W. Persimmon Street to W. Wedington Drive.
  • 12-foot-wide shared-use trail along the west side of the roadway. The trail will also be extended south of W. Persimmon Street to connect with the trail completed in the first phase of construction.
  • Signalization of the intersection with W. Persimmon Street. 

Why is it important? 

This arterial will provide an alternate north and south bound route to I-49 that extends from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to Mount Comfort Road.

What is the current status?

Sweetser Construction, Inc. was awarded the construction contract on April 5, 2016 in the amount of $2,537,900.00. Construction began on June 25th and is complete.

How was this project funded?

This project is funded by the Transportation Bond Program.

Additional Details