How Do I Recycle?

Do you live in a home that has curbside trash service?

Then you can enjoy curbside recycling. Contact us and we’ll deliver two recycling bins to your house. Put plastic, glass, and metal containers in one bin, and paper and cardboard in the other. Then put the bins at the curb along with your trash cart. It’s that simple! Visit this page for more information regarding residential curbside recycling.
Trash and recycling containers
New Container at Maple Manor

Do you live in an apartment?

You may have on-site recycling available! Ask your apartment manager if you have on-site recycling at your complex. If you don’t, encourage the management to contact the Recycling and Trash Collection Division at 479-575-8398 to see if they can get on-site recycling where you live. Click here to learn more about apartment recycling.

Do you have a business?

We have recycling programs for businesses as well. From cardboard dumpsters to the Glass Recycling Program, there are several programs that are specifically designed for businesses. We will help you find the best solution for your business. Just call us as 479-575-8398 or click here for more information.
Blue Paper Dumpster

Don’t have on-site or curbside recycling?

You can still recycle! Fayetteville has two recycling drop-off centers. You can bring your recyclable items to either site and sort them into the containers. Don’t live in Fayetteville? No problem, you can still Recycle Something! Both drop-off centers are open to everyone. Visit this page for more information about the recycling drop-off centers.
Recycling Drop Off North Street
South Happy Hollow Road Drop Off