Digital Infrastructure

Fayetteville’s 2015-2019 Capital Improvements Plan, identified several major projects to enhance the digital infrastructure of the City to support operations and improve customer service.

The City completed the core implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) software application in 2017. The new ERP software supports operations in Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Human Resources, Water Meter Operations, and Utility Billing. The new ERP provides the foundation to improve internal City operations by leveraging the benefits of current technology and ERP vendor that supports technology innovation in the municipal market.

The City is actively reviewing the new ERP and improving operations based upon its advanced functionality including the following:

  • New Point-of-Sale Software- The City implemented a new point-of-sale software solution at Parking, Airport, Utility Billing, Police, Recycling and Trash, Animal Shelter, Police, and Development Services in July of 2019. The new system consolidated the majority of payment collections into a single system, consolidated credit-card processors to a single vendor, and streamlined data entry to improve customer service during counter sales.
  • New Utility Payment Website- The City implemented a new utility payment website in the fall of 2019 which include water consumption information, the ability to receive email utility bills, select paperless billing, and to pay multiple utility accounts from a single online account. to date over 4000 customers have enrolled in paperless billing. 
  • Implement tablet computers for water meter staff- The City is currently working on a pilot program to implement table computers for water meter staff that will reduce paper, reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy, and improve efficiency. The tablets will primarily be used for reviewing work orders for new meters, meter maintenance, turning meters on/off, and staff performing re-reads due to errors with automated system meter reads.

Other IT Improvements:

Recreation Software- The City implemented a new recreation software package beginning in 2018 to manage recreational activities, recreation events, YRCC activities, Wilson Pool, and sports leagues. The software provides a single solution to manage recreational activities and events and provides a customer friendly website for participants. The initial implementation was completed in the spring of 2019.

Development Services Software- City Council approved the purchase of a new Development Services software program in the summer of 2018 to replace previous software used by Engineering, Planning, Code Enforcement, Building Safety, and Development Services divisions.  The new software is being implemented in conjunction with the Development Services Lean Review project that is tasked with streamlining processes to improve efficiency and customer service. Highlights of the project include very detailed GIS mapping integration, a new business license module, improved redlining tools for plan review, and an improved website for contractors and developers to interact with the City. Implementation began in the Fall of 2018 and was initial scheduled to be operational in late May of 2020. Due to delays related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project went live on July 13. The project continues to be within budget.

Public Works Software- The City awarded an agreement to Lucity Inc, in June of 2019 to replace the work-order and asset-management software for Transportation, Water, Sewer, Airport, Recycling and Trash, Parks Maintenance, and Facilities Management. The new software will include a new complaint management module to improve how the city tracks and manages public infrastructure maintenance, tight integration with the City's GIS Mapping system, and a new public portal that will improve how the public submits and tracks work requests. The Parks department went live on July 20, 2018

Development of a City-Wide Institutional Network
- Network connectivity upgrades to City facilities were completed in the fall of 2017, providing increases in network speed to the majority of facilities and a decrease in annual expenses. The implementation of Wi-Fi to various public facilities was complete in February 2018 and was funded by the savings from City facility network upgrades. Additional information regarding public Wi-Fi can be found here.

– This project allows the City to address cyber security preparedness by providing funds for end user training and network security testing. This project helps the City mitigate security risks and improve overall security posture through a comprehensive cyber security training program and both internal and external network penetration (PEN) testing to simulate cyber-attacks. Training will focus on a variety of topics including how to recognize social engineering and phishing attacks through email or phone calls. Training includes simulated phishing attacks sent to staff with automatically generated feedback how staff process the test emails. City IT staff also attends new employee orientation to provide Cybersecurity information and basic concepts to all new employees.

Digital Signage - Digital signs will be purchased for every point of public contact in City buildings, such as City Administration, Police Department, District Court, Animal Shelter, Human Resources, Transportation, Water and Sewer Operations, Parks and Recreation, etc.. Digital signage is a cost-effective means by which the City can communicate to the public timely and relevant information. The displays offer many advantages over printed posters, handbills, and permanent signs because digital signage allows information to be quickly and easily changed and updated, helping ensure accuracy and immediacy of messaging, reduce paper usage, and reduce printing and distribution costs.

Access Control & Security Upgrade
- This project is to upgrade and expand access control and security systems for City buildings. Over the past five years, the City has consolidated access control systems for better control and greater efficiency. The City Administration building is in need of additional doors and security cameras to be able to effectively lock down and provide enhanced security to employees and visitors. Work was started in the in the fall of 2017 and will be completed by the fall of 2019.

Police Mobile Video Replacement- City Council awarded an agreement with Watchguard Inc in July 2019 to purchase new patrol vehicles mobile video recording system . City staff completed the replacement of all vehicle mobile recording units in the spring of 2020.

Police Mobile Computer Replacement- The City completed the replacement of all Police mobile computers with new Getac mobile tablets in August of 2019. The new computers have a wide screen monitor which helps with viewing additional information and in an more efficient manner. Implementation was completed in July of 2019 with 39 Police vehicles receiving new mobile computers.

Fire Mobile Computer Replacement- The City implemented the first comprehensive Fire mobile computer project in October 2015, by implementing new standardized laptops and wireless connectivity to enhance the quality and timeliness of Fire 911 calls. New laptops were ordered in July 2020 to replace the existing laptops and include larger screens that will help leverage recent software upgrades to the City's CAD/RMS software.