Physical Fitness Test

The physical fitness test will consist of five exercises given on the same day at the Fayetteville Police Department. They will be administered, observed, and graded by Fayetteville Police Department fitness instructors. For testing, you will need to wear proper clothing, i.e. t-shirt / sweatshirt, shorts / sweats and comfortable running shoes.

Prior to each individual exercise, the fitness instructor will provide information on the proper technique and explain the exercise with special instructions. Participants must complete and obtain a minimum score / maximum time on each exercise to pass the physical fitness test.
The Fayetteville Police Department also provides a resource for preparation for the physical fitness portion of the test, which can be found in the marked links at the bottom of this page.  


Bench Press:

  • Spotters will lift the weight from the rack and lower the barbell to the subject's chest. The subject will then bench press the weight. After the lift is complete, the spotters will place the barbell on the rack. During the press, the subject's buttocks cannot raise off the bench and feet must remain on the floor or bench. 
  • Minimum Score - 64% of body weight


  • Subject's hands are positioned shoulder width apart on the ground with fingers pointing forward. Starting in the up position and keeping his / her back straight, the subject will lower his / her body to the floor until chest touches the instructor’s fist (a 3 inch sponge is used for females).The subjects will then return to the up position. This will count as one repetition.
  • Minimum Score - 25 repetitions

Leg Press:

  • Seated in a Universal Leg Press Machine with legs bent at a 70-degree angle, subject will extend legs pushing at least 125% of their body weight. 
  • Minimum Score - 125% of body weight

One Minute Sit Ups:

  • Lying on the back, knees bent, heels flat on the floor, and fingers touching the head, the subject will perform a sit-up by coming to the up position making his/her elbows touch the tops of their knees. A partner will hold the subject's feet securely on the ground. When the subject returns to the down position and his/her shoulder blades touch the floor, one repetition will be counted.
  • Minim Score - 29 repetitions in 1 minute

1.5 Mile Run

  • The 1.5 mile run will be conducted on a flat, measured track.
  • Maximum Time - 16:29

300 Meter Run:

  • The 300 meter run will be conducted on a flat, measured track.
  • Maximum Time - 1:11