Records Division

The Records Division of the Fayetteville Police Department is a civilian support unit, which provides general record maintenance and data entry for the department. The Records Division employs one customer service representative and 10 Police Support Specialists which are responsible for:

  • Entering arrest data into in-house and District Court computer system
  • Entering data from traffic citations into the district court computer
  • Processing accident investigation reports
  • Processing of requests for reports
  • Transcribing audio taped reports and interviews from officers


Civilian Police Support Specialists have been trained to interview and take reports in reference to stolen property and non-violent crimes against person from Fayetteville citizens. These reports are then forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division for additional review and follow up investigation.


The Records Division handles a large number of requests for reports, the most common being accident, arrest, and case reports. In general accident reports can be released as soon as the Records Division receives the report from the Patrol Division. The reports are generally received from the Patrol Division and available within 3-5 business days.

Case Reports

The most common case report request is for reports on lost or stolen items. These reports generally don't need a lengthy follow up investigation and can be released with few restrictions. Case reports which are still under investigation because of arrests made or arrests pending, cannot be released until the investigation is completed. Requests for these reports will be referred to the Prosecutor's Office for further information.

Arrest Reports

Arrest Reports are the officer's notes on the arrest of a suspect. These reports will be released only after the suspect arrested has gone to court and the courts have adjudicated the case.

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