Business License

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New Development, Licensing, and Permitting System and Online Portal Now in Operation

The City of Fayetteville has implemented a new web-based system called EnerGov™ to handle applications and payments for Planning, Engineering, Building Safety, Business Licensing, Alcoholic Beverage, and HMR/Supplemental Beverage. View more information about this transition here, or click on the button above to go directly to the Citizen Self-Service Portal (CSS).

Who Needs a Business License?

All businesses within the incorporated city limits of Fayetteville must obtain a Business License unless the business qualifies for an exemption. Please refer to Do I Qualify for more information. To determine if your business is located within the city limits, please visit our GIS map or use our Address Verification Tool. All businesses must apply for a license within 60 days of opening to avoid additional fees.


All business licenses expire on October 31 each year. You can renew your business license online through our Citizen Self-Service portal.

What to Expect

Once you apply and pay for your business license, it will go through a review process. The type of review(s) will depend on the type of business you operate.

Contact Information for Reviews

  • Accounting Review - email Katie Moore or call 479-575-8287.
  • Fire Marshal Review - email the Fire Marshall or call 479-444-3448.
  • Zoning Review: Contact the Business License Clerk at 479-575-8352 to find out which planner is assigned to your review.

Fire Department Inspection

The Fire Marshal's office has created a list of the most common fire and life safety violations discovered during inspections. Please review this document and take corrective measures prior to applying for the Business License.

Once you have applied for the Business License, the Fire Marshal will contact you to conduct a building inspection if one is needed. All fire and life safety violations must be corrected.

If you have any questions about your Fire Review, you may contact the Fire Marshal via email or by calling 479-444-3448.

Special Licenses

Outdoor Mobile and Sidewalk Vendors

If you are an outdoor mobile vendor or a sidewalk vendor, you will not apply for a Business License. Instead, please use the links below to apply. Please call 479-444-3443 with questions.

Outdoor Mobile Vendor
Sidewalk Vendor

Solicitation Permit

For a Solicitation Permit, please apply for the Business License and a Solicitation Permit. Please click on the link below to apply. Please call 479-444-3443 with questions.

Solicitation Permit

Short-term Rental License

View more Short-term Rental business license information.