Invasive Plants and Native Alternatives

The Fayetteville City Council adopted ordinance #5820 on Nov. 3, 2015; this ordinance established a list of 18 invasive plants to be restricted from being installed in new developments that require a Landscape Plan Review by the Urban Forester. The list of invasive plants was determined through an open participation process that involved a team of 13 stakeholders. Stakeholders included nursery owners/managers, landscape architects, academic experts, landscape installers, hobby gardeners, botanists, naturalists, conservationists, City Park Managers and local citizens. The team met to evaluate the economic and environmental harm caused by invasive plants. After recognizing the need for an invasive plant policy, the stakeholder group reviewed other communities' invasive plant species policies and made recommendations to City staff. 

This educational packet identifies each of the 18 invasive plants and recommends appropriate plant species for trees, shrubs or ground cover. The City of Fayetteville encourages all property owners to identify, remove and replace invasive plants from the landscapes around their homes and businesses.

Learn more about volunteering to help remove invasive species in Fayetteville. You may also contact Kristina Jones by phone at 479-444-3467 or via email at

How to Recognize and Remove Invasive Bush Honeysuckle