Composting Pilot 2016

As part of the City of Fayetteville's Solid Waste Reduction, Diversion and Recycling Master Plan (SWRDRMP), a food waste composting pilot was approved through the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. The Recycling and Trash Collection Division collected food waste materials from the University of Arkansas, the Fayetteville Senior Center, Happy Hollow Elementary, The Farmer's Table, Green House Grille, Woodstone Pizza, Starbucks on Martin Luther King Blvd, Arsaga's at the Depot and Khana Indian Grill.

The pilot utilized a style of composting called Modified Static Aerobic Composting which used enzymes provided by Harvest Quest. During the several month pilot, the Recycling and Trash Collections Division analyzed the ability to conduct a City wide program. Yard waste was also used in the pilot.

The compost pilot began on Jan. 22, 2016, and the piles were composted until the end of May 2016. Read the final Food Waste Pilot report here

Close up view of fresh food waste on a compost heap
Collection of organics
City workers looking over a compost pile with new food waste on top
Organics layered on Compost Pilot pile
Bulldozer pushing a large compost pile in a field
Compost Pilot pile being covered with yard waste/mulch mixture
Thumbnail of bulldozer pushing a compost pile

'Row Turner' machine turning the Compost Pilot pile

Close up view of well processed compost pile
Composition of Compost Pilot pile after being turned by 'Row Turner' machine (green biodegradable bag pictured)
hands sifting through fine compost pile in a plastic-lined container
Enzymes (pictured above) are thrown on to pile to start the 'Modified Static Aerobic Pile' composting process
Commercial food waste infographic showing accepted and non-accepted items

Acceptable Food Waste Materials

Note: no plastic bags! BPI certified compostable only 

  • Fruits, Vegetables and Consumable Liquids
  • Bread, dough, bakery items, pasta and grains
  • Dairy: milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Processed Foods: pizza, cereal, chips, crackers, cooked meats, plate scraps
  • Cooked meats and fish: shells, bones, wooden skewers, wooden cocktail sticks
  • Food-soiled paper: paper bags, paper towels and paper napkins
  • Eggs and egg shells
  • Coffee grinds and tea with filters

Items Not Accepted

  • Raw Meats (fish, poultry, pork and seafood)
  • Plastic bags, serve ware, utensils, twist ties, rubber bands
  • Wood, metal, glass, or other non-food items
  • Fats, oils, grease, non-consumable liquids, vegetable oil and lard

Learn More

Please contact the City of Fayetteville Recycling and Trash Collection Division at 479-575-8398 or to learn more.