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Since its conception, Lake Fayetteville has been stocked with numerous types of fresh water fish, some even holding Arkansas state records. Lake Fayetteville fish include Crappie, Bass, Blue Gill, Red Ear, Catfish, Goggle-eye, and Carp.

Lake Fayetteville Boat and Bike, located on the north shore, offers an assortment of live bait, tackle, and fishing supplies as well as fishing pole rentals.

A city permit is required to fish anywhere on Lake Fayetteville. To obtain a city permit you must have a valid Arkansas State Fishing License, which can be purchased at Southtown Sporting Goods or online at the Arkansas Game & Fish website. Permits can be purchased at the marina office across from the boat docks at 1330 E. Lake Fayetteville Road.

Tackle ShopLake Fayetteville is open to fishing from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week, year round, except Thanksgiving day and from sunset December 23 to January 14. A full list of the state fishing limits, rules, and regulations can be found here.

In addition to state rules and regulations, there is no line fishing allowed, which includes limb lines, trot lines, and jug lines.

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Meet our team, buy the right bait, catch more fish! Bait options include worms of various sizes, minnows of various sizes, gold fish, crickets, and frozen chicken liver. We also have an assortment of tackle, hooks, and other fishing supplies.