Review the programs below to learn more about what the City of Fayetteville and our Community Partners are doing to promote sustainability in each area.

Built Environment

The built environment refers to any of the human-made features that surround us, including houses, buildings, parks and streets. Fayetteville strives to prioritize livability, walkability and affordability throughout the built environment. Our physical systems effect many aspects of our lives including access to healthy food, availability of transportation. Fayetteville works to build the safest, most affordable and healthiest build environment possible.

Climate & Energy

Fayetteville is committed to being an energy efficient, resilient community. We pursue this goal in order to create the most affordable, safe and healthy neighborhoods, for current and future citizens. We are committed to reducing harmful climate impacts and promoting resource efficiency through decreased energy, water and materials use.

Economy & Jobs

Fayetteville strives to be a hub for strong businesses where equitable access to living-wage jobs create a diverse, innovative and resilient economy. By focusing on retaining talent, developing green jobs and becoming the Startup City of the South, Fayetteville is building the most sustainable business climate possible. 

Natural Systems

Our natural ecosystem provides a wide range of benefits including food, water, weather regulating processes and a beautiful place for recreation and relaxation. Fayetteville is committed to protecting and restoring the natural resources in our community. We strive to improve outdoor air and water quality, protect biodiversity and native habitats, create resilient green infrastructure and offer all citizens equitable access to healthy, beautiful natural spaces. 

Education, Arts, & Community

Fayetteville strives to be an educated, cohesive and socially connected community. We work across many sectors to promote equitable access to quality education and arts and culture opportunities. We strive to respect and expand social and cultural diversity across our city, celebrating and supporting our citizens of different ages, races, religions and backgrounds. 

Health & Safety

Developing a healthy, safe and resilient community requires proactive efforts and ongoing, dedicated resources from the City and the community. Fayetteville strives to encourage active living, community wellness, access to healthful food and increasingly safe neighborhoods through a variety of programs and services. We believe that smart community design and educated, engaged citizens have the ability to promote public safety, reduce health and safety risk factors and improve the overall health of Fayetteville. 

Equity & Empowerment

We are a community dedicated to equity and inclusion, demonstrated by our efforts to provide opportunities and community resources to all Fayetteville residents. We strive to improve civil and human rights, encourage civic engagement, offer equitable access to health and human services, alleviate and prevent poverty and offer environmental justice in every part of our city.