Innovation Council

Regular Meetings

  • Bimonthly meetings
  • Centerspace
    1 E Center Street Suite, Suite 270
    Fayetteville, AR 72701

The Innovation Council was established by the City of Fayetteville and initiated by Startup Junkie and Community Venture Foundation as part of the economic vitality strategy within the City of Fayetteville's Startup City of the South initiative on January 26, 2017.

The purpose of the council is to bring all parties together in order to create a collaborative environment that addresses the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs and innovators in Fayetteville. This is an action-oriented council that helps coordinate Startup City of the South events and determines other objectives of focus to improve our community.


All members may serve no more than three consecutive terms.

  • Jeff Amerine
  • Scott Andrews
  • Jeannette Balleza-Collins
  • Rogelio Garcia Contreras
  • Susie Engle
  • David Erstine
  • Michael Iseman
  • John James
  • Spencer Jones
  • April Rae Mallord

  • Tim McFarland
  • Gina Niederman
  • Z Niederman
  • Chuong Nyguen
  • Carol Reeves
  • Dan Sanker
  • Phil Stafford
  • Lance Stokes
  • Chung Tan
  • Kent Watson