Hwy 112 / Maple St: Razorback Rd to Garland Ave

What is this project?

This project focuses on widening Maple Street to four lanes from Razorback Road to Garland Ave.

The project will include:

  • Construction of sidewalks on both sides of the road (width will vary from 5 ft. to 8 ft.)
  • Construction of curb and gutter with stormwater inlets and pipes
  • Installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Razorback Road and Maple Street
  • Installation of a pedestrian hybrid beacon at an existing crosswalk on Maple Street
  • Asphalt pavement overlay on Garland Avenue from Maple Street to North Street (Wedington Drive)
  • Asphalt pavement overlay on Razorback Road from Leroy Pond Road to Maple Street

Why is it important?

This project will help alleviate traffic congestion on a major route used by students, professors and University staff during daily activities as well as for the general public attending athletic events, etc. This will also provide safer walkways for pedestrians.

What is the current status?

Construction is COMPLETE. Nabholz Construction, Inc. was the low bidder at $2,793,590.50.

When is completion expected?

Construction is COMPLETE.

How was this project funded?

This is a partnering project between the City, the University and the ArDOT. It is funded by a combination of federal, state, city and university dollars.

Additional Details

Hwy 112 (Maple St) Plans Issued for Construction (PDF)