East Fayetteville Water System Improvements

East Fayetteville Water System Improvements

What is this project?

The East Fayetteville Water System Improvements project will increase water system capacity and will also add and rehabilitate several water system features in the Goshen, Gulley and Township pressure planes. The work was recommended in the 2017 Water Master Plan Update. The project includes the following improvements, shown in contract bid sections:

  • Contract Section 1
    • Refurbishing the pressure sustaining valves on the City's 42” and 36” water transmission lines
    • Refurbishing miscellaneous piping, vaults, pressure reducing valves, and flow control valves
  • Contract Section 2
    • New water tank and piping on Gulley Road.
  • Contract Section 3
    • Constructing or replacing over 16,000 linear feet of waterlines in East Fayetteville and Goshen
    • Constructing new water pumping station on Gulley Road.
  • Township Contract - Phase I
    • New water tank on Township St.
  • Township Contract - Phase II
    • New pump station on Ash St.
    • New 12-inch Waterline on Juneway Terrace between Ash Street and Township Street.

Why is it important?

These water system improvements will add capacity and water pressure in East Fayetteville, allowing for future developments and ample fire flow capacities.

What is the current status?

  • Contract Section 1 was bid in August 2020. Goodwin & Goodwin, Inc. was the low bidder and will begin construction early 2021.
  • Contract Section 2 was bid in Summer 2020. CB&I Storage Tank Solutions, LLC was the low bidder and began construction in September 2020.
  • Contract Section 3 requires many easements, which are being acquired throughout 2021 by the City.
  • Township Contract Phase I was bid in July 2021. Caldwell Tanks, Inc. was the low bidder and will begin construction in Fall 2021.
  • Township Contract Phase II will be bid in late 2021.

When is completion expected?

Overall completion of the project is expected during 2023. Projects under construction are expected to complete as follows:

  • Contract Section 1 is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2021.
  • Contract Section 2 is scheduled to be completed in December 2021.
  • Township Contract Phase I is scheduled to be completed in late 2022.

How was this project funded?

The improvements are being funded by the Water System Rehabilitation/Replacement project within the Utilities Department.