Traffic Control and Maintenance Program

The Transportation Division installs and maintains traffic signals, traffic signs, street markers, and signs for other divisions as warranted by the Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The Traffic Control and Maintenance Program also performs traffic studies and traffic counts as needed.

Please note that street markers and signs that are located on private property or private streets are the responsibility of the property owner.

College Avenue Sign

New Traffic Signal Locations

The Transportation Division determines locations for new traffic signals based on MUTCD criteria and after related street projects are completed. The purpose of a traffic signal installation is to assign vehicle right-of-way and to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians in the city.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

Maintenance to existing signals includes outfitting signal control cabinets with battery backups, upgrades to overhead video detection, and replacing wooden or deteriorated metal poles with galvanized steel poles. All new installations will include overhead video detection and LED signal heads.

Ongoing Upgrades

The Traffic Control and Maintenance Program is currently upgrading the wireless traffic signal communication system, which will connect both the traffic signal controller and the video detection equipment to the central location, thereby enabling staff to visually monitor traffic movement and to resolve problems remotely.