Lake Fayetteville Rowing Dock

What is this project?

A new rowing dock at Lake Fayetteville. The dock utilized by the Rowing Club of Northwest Arkansas at Lake Fayetteville is scheduled to be replaced with a new floating dock with a kayak launch attachment. 

Background and Timeline

The Rowing Club of Northwest Arkansas has been a long-standing park partner with the City of Fayetteville. The club, based out of Lake Fayetteville, has been utilizing an old wooden dock to launch their oar boats, and this dock has outlived its useful life and needs replacement. The Rowing Club of Northwest Arkansas donated $5,000 to go toward the purchase of the new dock and the Fayetteville Downtown Rotary Club donated $8,000 for the dock in honor of Dr. Roy C. Rom. 

The new dock is a floating dock manufactured in the USA by AccuDock. The dock is 10 feet wide and 64 feet long, with a 6-feet by 12-feet aluminum ramp attached to the shore. The dock is designed to have a low profile in the water, with a freeboard of 5.5 inches, to allow the rowing boats to launch easily off the side. 

Attached to the dock is an 8-foot by 12-foot kayak launch that will allow kayaks to safely launch. The dock is constructed of an aluminum frame around encapsulated flotation cells with a PVC decking. In addition to the dock installation, the existing boardwalk that connects the parking lot to the fishing pier has been replaced with a new sidewalk. 

Construction of the new dock and sidewalk has been completed and is currently providing service.