Complete Maple Street 

Updated 12-7-2023

What is this project?

The Complete Maple Street project is a comprehensive street upgrade project that will tie the University of Arkansas Campus to the Razorback Greenway with a safe and attractive streetscape. Major project elements include: Construction of a 2-way cycle track along the south side of Maple street; signalization at Gregg Avenue and Maple street, and new sidewalks along both sides of Maple between Gregg Avenue and Garland Avenue.

Why is It Important?

This corridor was identified in the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan as a high priority catalyst project. It serves as a critical connection between the Razorback Greenway and the University of Arkansas Campus for bicycles. The cycle track will separate bicycles from both motor vehicles and pedestrians, creating a safe corridor for all users.

What is the Current Status?

The University of Arkansas, in partnership with the City have completed the design of the new facility. Sufficient funding is not available to complete the project at this time; the City is in the process of seeking additional funding opportunities.

When Will it be Completed?

The construction schedules will be developed when the funding is secured. 

How is it Funded?

Partial funding for the City’s portion of this project comes from the Transportation and Trails portions of the Bond issue that voters approved in April 2019. The University of Arkansas has committed to matching the City's contribution to the project. Additional funding will be solicited through federal grant sources.