Archibald Yell Blvd. Safety Improvements

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This project is part of the 71B Corridor Plan.


We want your input!

Visit Speak Up Fayetteville to give us your input about the planned safety improvements for Archibald Yell Blvd.  

What is this project?

The goals of this project include:

  1. Provide safe pathways for pedestrians to cross Archibald Yell Blvd
  2. Increase safety at the College Avenue/Rock Street/Archibald Yell Blvd intersection
  3. Provide space for pedestrian and bicycle facilities along Archibald Yell Blvd.

Concepts have been developed as part of the Fayetteville Mobility Study, and as part of the Highway 71B Corridor Study, that include intersection improvements/signalization at College and Archibald Yell, and at South Street and Archibald Yell.

Why is It Important?

Archibald Yell Boulevard severs the historical downtown grid of streets south and east of the downtown square, and the 4-lane high speed route is a barrier to pedestrians who want to move from neighborhoods to the south and east to destinations around on and around the square and entertainment district.  This project would reduce or eliminate these pedestrian barriers. In addition, the intersection at Archibald Yell Blvd/College Ave/Rock St has a history of accidents and needs safety improvements. To see the concept illustrations, click HERE.

What is the Current Status?

A contract for engineering design services was approved by the City Council on June 4, 2020. Design and traffic studies have begun.

When Will it be Completed?

The design is expected to be completed and the project bid for construction in March 2021. Construction could then begin around June of 2021 and completed by March of 2022.

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project comes from the Bond issue that voters approved in April 2019.