Water, Sewer and Solid Waste Committee

Established pursuant to state law. The Sewer Committee shall be composed of four (4) City Council members who serve at the pleasure of the entire City Council. The Mayor may appoint, subject to City Council approval, all members (including replacement members) of the Sewer Committee. 

The Sewer Committee shall have all powers, duties and responsibilities provided to such committee in A.C.A. §14-235-207, et. seq. All actions and recommendations of the Sewer Committee must be ratified and approved by the City Council to become effective. The City Council expresses its intent to exercise its control of the Sewer Committee to the maximum extent possible pursuant to state law. 

The Sewer Committee is also designated advisory authority over the clean water system of the city (Ord. No. 4561, 4-20-04)

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  • D'Andre Jones, City Council Ward 1
  • Mike Wiederkehr, City Council Ward 2
  • Scott Berna, City Council Ward 3
  • Teresa Turk, City Council Ward 4
  • Tim Nyander, Staff Contact: 575-8386