2019 Bond Park Improvement Projects

The 2019 Bond, which was approved by voters in April, included up to $26,405,000 for park improvements.

Phase One of these improvements, totaling an estimated $11,153,725 includes seven projects around the city and funding for the planning of three projects slated for Phase Two. Phase One construction is on schedule to be completed in July 2022.

An overview of the Phase One park projects is provided below. Additional details, along with status updates as the projects get underway, is provided on separate pages (at left).

View the May 28 Parks presentation to Council Agenda session.

Percent of Parks Bond committed as of October 1, 2022 (Phase I/II)

Pie chart showing 53.5 percent of the Parks Bond has been committed as of October 1, 2022

Phase One Bond Projects - Click to enlarge

2019 Park Bond Projects-01

Phase One Bond Funding Projects: Overview

Regional Parks

Kessler Mountain Regional Park ballfields (expected to be complete in Aug. 2022)

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $7,870,000
    • Completion of ball fields with construction of four new fields
    • Artificial turf in the infields of existing and new fields
    • Additional parking

The Kessler Baseball Complex is approximately 75% complete. 
An image of the baseball fields at Kessler Mountain Regional Park

Centennial Park improvements – Complete

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $985,000
    • Development of Centennial Park as a cycling-activated park with state-of-the-art cyclo-cross and mountain biking facilities, Partial funding for this project was supported by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.
    • This project has been completed.

Community Parks

Gulley Park improvements – Township Parking Lot: Complete

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $250,000: matching land funds toward completion of the Gulley Park parking lot.

Gulley Park Rain Garden at Township Parking Lot expansion
Gulley Park Rain Garden

Neighborhood Parks

Lewis Park land purchase – Complete

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $1,750,719, in partnership with Fayetteville Public Schools
    • Maintains wooded green space and two existing soccer fields and supporting infrastructure

Stone Mountain Neighborhood Park

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $60,000 – moved to second bond phase

Lierly Lane Neighborhood Park

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $60,000 – moved to second bond phase

Downtown Square lighting and electrical upgrades

  • Phase 1 Bond funding: $85,000
    • Includes lighting of the Square and electrical upgrades to allow vendors to plug in, eliminating need for generators
    • Electrical upgrades are complete
    • Lighting installation in progress.

Planning for Phase Two Projects

$30,000 to fund preliminary planning for three Phase Two projects: 

  • Yvonne Richardson Community Center Enhancements:  Underway
    • Multipurpose Room
    • Teaching Kitchen
    • Storage
  • Walker Park:  Update Master Plan – POSTPONED
  • Bryce Davis Park: Update Master Plan: POSTPONED