2019 Bond Trail Improvement Projects

The 2019 Bond, which was approved by voters in April, included up to $6.8 million for trail improvements.

Completed Trail Projects

Hamestring Bridge

A bicycle and pedestrian connection between the large residential areas north of Wedington Drive (Highway 16) and the Meadow Valley Trail with a new bridge over Hamestring Creek.

Tsa La Gi Trail Construction

This project completes a missing section of the Tsa La Gi Trail across Razorback Road just south of MLK Jr. Blvd. 

Shiloh Trail at Centennial Park

This project includes construction of the Centennial Park entrance path from Old Farmington Road to the top of Millsap Mountain in the heart of Centennial Park. Also included are a trail connection between Dinsmore Trail and Old Farmington Road.

Trail Projects Under Construction

Mission Blvd. Corridor

The project consists of a 1.5 mile-long shared-use paved trail with green space separation that will include street trees and lighting along Mission Blvd. from Viewpoint Drive to Maple Street.

Razorback Greenway Improvements (CAC)

The section of the Razorback Greenway from Prairie to Dickson St. is being reconstructed as part of the Cultural Arts Corridor Project.

Wedington Trail

The project is in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) interchange improvements at I-49 and Wedington Drive. The Trail bond has provided funding for a cost share with ARDOT to widen planned sidewalks to 10 feet wide to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians along the north side of Wedington Dr. from N. Salem Road to N. Futrall Drive. This includes a separated trail across the new bridge over I-49 and portions of the Shiloh Trail.

Midtown Corridor Trail

This project includes a 1.75-mile-long shared use paved trail along sections of Steven Carr Memorial Blvd., Deane St, Sycamore St and Poplar St. This corridor is an important east-west connection for active transportation and will provide a comfortable connection to many people living in the area.

Trail Projects in Design/Preparing for Construction

Drake Street Trail

This project will create an almost mile long trail connection from the Razorback Greenway at Gordon Long Park east to the west end of Drake Street. The current 4-lanes of Drake Street will be reallocated to include a shared use trail protected with curb east to College Ave.

Sang Avenue Trail

This project is made possible through a cost share with a developer that will construct an extension of Sang Ave. from Halsell Rd. to Markham Rd. A 10-foot-wide shared use paved trail will be constructed along the west side of the new Sang Ave using trail bond funding for the cost of the trail.

Hamestring Creek Trail

This project includes construction of a ½ mile long, 12-foot-wide shared use paved trail from Rupple Road east to the current end of Hamestring Creek Trail near Salem Road. This project is a trail bond funded cost share with a developer.

Hwy 62 (MLK Jr. Blvd) and Interstate 49 Trails

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) is in design for a complete reconstruction of the interchange with I-49 and MLK Jr. Blvd. As part of the project, ARDOT has agreed to construct 10-foot-wide shared use path with 6 feet of green space from the east side of I-49 to the west project limits west of the Lowe’s west driveway. The trail bond funding in addition to grant funding will fund portions of the Tsa La Gi trail and the Shiloh Trail to tie the trails together through a cost share with ARDOT.

Trails Bond Program Map (Click to enlarge)

Trails Bond Program January 2024