2020 Water Main Replacement Projects

What are these projects and why are they important?

This project consists of two waterline replacements for lines that are in poor condition and need frequent repairs. The first project (Task Order 1) is on S. Garland Ave. between 15th Street and Cato Springs Road, replacing approximately 2,200 linear feet of 6-inch Cast Iron and Ductile Iron waterline with 8-inch PVC. The second project (Task Order 2) is on Rolling Hills Dr. near Oaks Manor Dr., replacing approximately 1,000 linear feet of 6-inch Cast Iron Pipe with 8-inch PVC.

What is the current status?

On January 31, 2019, Garver Engineers was formally selected to provide design for this project. Title research and preliminary design has begun. The Rolling Hills design has been placed on 'pause' to facilitate better coordination with the City's Transportation Bond Program improvements to this roadway. The South Garland Avenue waterline replacement is acquiring utility easements, then will bid in 2021.

How are these projects funded?

These projects are funded through the Water System Rehabilitation/Replacement Project Budget of the Water and Sewer Fund.