West Avenue Streetscapes

Updated 10-20-2023

West Avenue connects several key civic institutions, but currently lacks safe pedestrian infrastructure and lighting.

The design, from South Street to Dickson, includes continuous sidewalks and will increase street tree canopy, provide stormwater mitigation (LID) and improve the safety of both pedestrian and bicycle circulation. 

A broad, 20-foot-wide promenade will be the new pedestrian route parallel to West Avenue. Shaded by an allée of trees, it integrates seating, art and lighting.

Several cross streets will be improved to provide better bicycle connections between the Square and the Razorback Greenway. 

What is the Status?

This project is nearing completion. Dismantling of temporary infrastructure is underway.

Cultural Arts Corridor Streets and Circulation Maps and Renderings (Click to enlarge)

Concept map of road and water circulation before and after West Ave streetscapes project

Project Photos

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