Razorback Greenway Improvements (CAC)

The dedicated Greenway connection parallels the West Avenue Civic Space (slated for Phase Two construction), and has multiple views and entry points that entice its users to stop and linger. 

New Connections:  The plan includes accessible pedestrian and bicycle trail connection from the Library extension and West Avenue to the Razorback Greenway.

Widening: Where possible, the Greenway will be widened and provide separate walking/cycling lanes.

Intersections: The design will improve visibility, eliminate sharp turns, and smooth grades to maximize safety and improve the user experience at several intersections.

Lighting:  The Greenway lighting will be upgraded to ensure better visibility and safety in ways both functional and artful.

Nodes/Furnishings: Within the Corridor, the design proposes periodic nodes—sites for places to sit, for art installations, or for small gatherings and events—to encourage even more use of the Greenway and Fay Jones Woods.

Additional bike parking will be available at key locations.

Click here to view improvements to trails and connections where the Greenway passes through Fay Jones Woods.

Aerial view of cyclists riding along the Razorback Greenway