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DISCLAIMER:  The data contained herein was compiled from various sources for the sole use and benefit of the City of Fayetteville Geographic Information System and the public agencies it serves.  Any use of the data by anyone other than the City of Fayetteville is at the sole risk of the user; and by acceptance of this data, the user does hereby agree to indemnify the City of Fayetteville and hold the City of Fayetteville harmless from and without liability for any claims, actions, cost for damages of any nature, including the city's cost of defense, asserted by user or by another arising from the use of this data.  The City of Fayetteville makes no express or implied warranties with reference to the data. No word, phrase, or clause found herein shall be construed to waive that tort immunity set forth under Arkansas law.

General Reference
General Reference and Data Downloads - All purpose map showing streets, addresses, property lines, parks, and points of interest. Also use to download data.
Addresses and Zip Codes

Addresses and Zip Codes - Zip codes and address points

City Mow Areas
City Maintenance - Areas of land that the City of Fayetteville mows and maintains, as well as city maintained trees
White plastic bird with a long orange beak wearing glasses and reading a book

Development Services Dashboard - View permits, business licenses, and planning projects in one web viewer application.

Fayetteville Art Walk - Find public art installations around the City. Interactive app lets you browse by map or by image, and zoom into the location.
Flood Data
Flood Data - Flood zones for the city of Fayetteville utilizing data from engineered flood surveys as well as data created from scanning and digitizing FEMA FIRM panels.
Future Land Use
Future Land Use - Land use as identified in City Plan 2040
Historic Sites - Sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including historic districts and buildings. See pictures and additional information by clicking a feature on the map.
Series of brick row houses with green front yards
Infill Scoring - This map details the infill score around the city, which can be used to analyze development potential.  This score is determined by factors such as proximity to amenities, fire department response times, and availability of utilities.
Land Records
Land Records - Contours, city's monuments, easements, rights-of-way, city-owned property, plat pages, U.S. Geological Survey 7.5-minute quadrangles and Public Land Survey System (township - range - section).
Master Street Plan
Master Street Plan - Master Street Plan based on the 2030 Master Plan and the Downtown Master Street Plan documents
Natural Features
Natural Features - Contains features of ecological interest, such as hydric soils
Downtown Parking
Parking - Contains public and private parking lots, parking spaces, and other parking infrastructure
Parks and Trails

Parks and Trails - City's parks, trail system, on-street bike facilities, and sidewalks

Crane hovering over city buildings at dusk
Planning Projects - List of pending development projects around town
Road and Lane Closures

Road and Lane Closures - Current and upcoming closures affecting city streets


Utilities - Water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater features.

Wards and Neighborhoods

Wards and Neighborhoods - Ward boundaries, also known as aldermanic districts. Additionally, this map includes active neighborhood associations.

Zoning - Official zoning map, including Hillside / Hilltop Overlay District, as well as links to Master Plan areas.

Are you looking for a particular map layer and are not sure which map to view it in? Try looking at the Data Guide. The Data Index is a list of all of the map layers contained in our on-line maps with links to the maps they can be viewed in.