Midtown Corridor Project

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Midtown Corridor MAP

The Midtown Corridor includes sections of Porter Rd, Deane St, Sycamore St, and Poplar St. This corridor is an important east-west connection for vehicle and bus traffic the corridor is also densely populated with flat terrain making it an optimal route for a new 1.75-mile-long shared use paved trail being called the Midtown Trail. 

In addition to the new trail, the project will include new curbs, storm drainage, lighting, street trees, and sidewalks with greenspace. Below is a summary of specific improvements planned by section:

  • Deane Street
    • Street widened from 2 to 3 lanes to include a center turn lane
    • Roundabout planned at the Porter Road intersection in front of the Police Headquarters
    • Connected Sidewalks on the south side from Porter Road to Lynn’s Place 
    • A 12-foot wide trail on the north side along the U of A Agricultural Experiment Station 
    • Enhanced trail crossing at Lynn’s Place, connecting through Tri-cycle Farm to Sycamore St. 
  • Sycamore Street from Garland to the Razorback Greenway

    • 12-foot wide shared use paved trail on south side 
    • Sidewalks on the north side
  • Poplar Street from Razorback Greenway to College Avenue 

    • 12-foot wide shared use paved trail the north side from Razorback Greenway to Gregg Ave
    • 10-foot wide shared use paved trail on the south side of street from Yates Ave. to Woodland Ave. 
  • Woodland Avenue

    • Pavement markings designating a on street bike route that is shared with vehicles (no bike lanes or trail)   
    • Enhanced crossing of Sycamore St to access Gregory Park

Why is It Important?

Issues on this corridor are varied, and include traffic congestion at I-49, lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, drainage issues and congestion issues between Garland Avenue and Leverett Avenue, and an over-built section that could be reconfigured to three lanes with better bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

How will it be funded?

Design and construction of the Midtown Trail Corridor will be partially funded with bond monies approved by the votes in April, 2019

What is the Current Status?

Updated 1/4/2022

Olsson is currently working on the final plans for sections of the overall project. Portions of the project design are expected to be completed and ready for construction in early 2022.

When will it be completed?

Updated 10/7/2021

The improvements along Porter Road and Deane along the frontage of the new Police Department Headquarters and Fire Station could begin in early 2022 with later phases extending further into 2022.

“W. Deane Street is currently two lanes with incomplete sidewalks and lacks safe bicycle facilities”

Image of midtown roadway current status, no bike lanes or shared use trails available.