COVID-19 Updates & Information

August 6, 2021 Updated Mask Ordinance:

On August 6, 2021 Fayetteville City Council revised the City's mask mandate based on updated guidance from CDC and the Fayetteville Board of Health. The following recommendations are now in place under Ordnance 6465:

All persons within public service areas of all places of public accommodation are required to constantly wear face masks covering the nostrils and mouth, subject to the following exceptions: 

  • Masks may be removed while consuming food or drinking a beverage if social-distancing and disinfection best practices are also followed. 
  • Settings with ten or fewer persons present, such as small business offices which do not serve the public in person, and areas without normal public access, such as semi-private offices or workshops, do not require masks, unless persons cannot follow social distancing best practices. 
  • Reasonable accommodations can be made for individuals with a disabling condition that prevents wearing a face mask.
  • Masks may be removed in outdoor settings generally while best practices to remain social distance are followed. Masks shall be worn at managed events where attendance and format prevent social distancing.
  • Children of less than two years of age shall not be required to wear face masks. 

Emergency Broadband Benefit:

This program is available during the pandemic and offers discounts on broadband service and devices. Eligible residents are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to start receiving this benefit. Learn more here

City Buildings Are Open

City buildings ae open to the public.  Masks are required for entry, regardless of vaccination status. 

Vaccine Access

All Arkansans aged 12 or older now eligible for vaccine.

Community Support Resources

The City's Community Resources Division has a list of resources for residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list includes information on food banks, financial assistance, utilities, and much more. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!