Mission Blvd. Corridor

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Mission Blvd Trail Map - March 2021
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Public Input Sought

The City is inviting residents to review the detailed plans for this project and provide feedback. Click here to view detailed plans (pdf), and visit Speak Up Fayetteville, the City's online public engagement portal, to provide feedback via a short questionnaire.

Public Updated 3-10-21

What is this project?

In 2015, a ½ mile section of shared use paved trail was constructed along the south side of Mission Blvd. from the Mission Heights neighborhood southwest to Viewpoint Drive.  This new 1.5 mile trail project will extend the existing trail segment southwest to Maple Street. The project consists of a of shared-use paved trail along the south side of Mission Blvd. in front of Root Elementary School and on across Old Wire and North Street.  South of North Street, the trail is proposed to be on the west side of Mission Blvd. to Maple Street to connect into the Historic District and to downtown. 

This project will also include an improved on-street bikeway from Mission Blvd. along Rebecca Street to the signalized crossing of College and along Trenton Blvd. to Park Ave. and along Prospect Street to provide safer access to the Razorback Greenway. 

Why is It Important?

With the completion of the Old Wire Cycle Track in 2019 and the Niokaska Creek Trail in mid-2020, this section of Mission Blvd. is the missing gap for connectivity to the historic district, downtown and the Razorback Greenway.   This project will provide a comfortable route for people of all ages and all abilities to access many popular destinations. 

What is the Current Status?

Crafton Tull is the design engineer for the Mission Blvd. corridor.  The plans are currently at 60% completion and ARDOT has performed initial review of the plans.   Special efforts have been made to coordinate with the property owners along the corridor to ensure the new trail and street upgrades are compatible with their properties.  

When Will it be Completed?

Construction is planned for 2022.

How is it Funded?

This project will be constructed by the city in-house trail construction crew will be funded the annual CIP project for trail construction.