City Board of Health

Resolution 173-20 was passed on June 24, 2020 to re-establish a City Board of Health to invest the board with such powers and impose upon it such duties as shall be necessary to secure the city and its inhabitants from the evils of contagious, malignant, and infectious diseases. 

A City Board of Health is empowered to adopt such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the public health laws of this state nor with the orders and rules of the State Board of Health; and the significant rise in COVID-19 cases justifies the reinstitution of the City Board of Health and the re-establishment of the position of City Health Officer to assist the City with its response to the pandemic.

Meeting Videos

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The initial members shall serve for the following terms; one shall serve for one (1) year, one for two (2) years, one for three (3) years, one for four (4) years, and one for five (5) years, from January 1 of the year appointed; thereafter, full term appointments shall be for five (5) years.   


The City Board of Health shall consist of five members appointed by the Mayor, at least two of whom shall be physicians of good professional standing. In addition to the Mayor and up to one city employee, the Mayor may appoint up to two ex-officio members who shall serve during the Mayor’s term of office.

  • Mayor, member ex-officio
  • City Employee, member ex-officio
  • Two ex-officio members
  • Two members shall be physicians  
  • Three residents

Public Notification

A weekly meetings list is prepared by the Office of the City Clerk Treasurer; it is distributed to the press and posted online.