Esports League

League Documents

Rules and Procedures
Game Platforms Registration Deadline Season Tournament
Rocket League All July 17 Aug 14 Aug 20 - Sept 17 Sept 24
Madden 21 XB1, PS4 Aug 4 Sept 4 Sept 8 - Oct 6 Oct 13
  1. Rocket League
  2. Madden 21
  3. NBA 2k21

Season Schedule and Standings

2 v 2

Rocket League players of all platforms (PC, XBOX, PS4, Switch) may compete. Each week every team will be scheduled for 2 matches: Thursday at 7:00p and 7:30p. Each match will be played in a best 2 of 3 format: if one team wins the first two games the third game is not played. Teams are allowed a five-minute grace period to start the game. If after five minutes one team is not logged on to play, the team waiting to play is awarded the victory by forfeit. Screenshots are required to report all results (forfeit or completed).

Teams are responsible for setting up their own matches using their Rocket ID. Instructions for how to create matchups using Rocket ID will be provided to all teams. Teams may communicate with their opponents ahead of time to schedule an alternate day/time to play their game if both parties can agree to a day/time. If not agreement is made, the match will be played at the time assigned by the league.

Each team is allowed to have one alternate player on their roster. Only players on the official team roster are allowed to play. Any team using a player not on their official roster will automatically forfeit that game.

Rude or inappropriate game chat and behavior is strictly prohibited. Any team reported for inappropriate behavior will be subject to suspension or removal from the league.