Outdoor Refreshment Area: Parklets


The Parklet component of the Outdoor Refreshment Area has started. Businesses who hold a permit to serve alcohol within the Outdoor Refreshment Area boundary can now allow their patron’s to consume and possess alcohol (in glassware or original packaging) at a Parklet that meets the Parklet Design Guidelines. You cannot serve alcohol outside of your ABC-approved alcohol permit boundary. Please ensure that the point of sale and serving of alcohol takes place inside of your approved alcohol permit from ABC. Businesses who wish to utilize this aspect of the O.R.A. can do so without any review but will be required to sign a lease a parking space adjacent to their building.

What is a Parklet?

A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space for people using the street. Parklets intended to be temporary seating and serving areas installed on parking lanes which use several parking spaces. Parklets typically extend out from the sidewalk at the level of the sidewalk to the width of the adjacent parking space complete with seating, landscaping, bike racks, and other amenities. Parklets are required to meet ADA requirements.

What does the Outdoor Refreshment Area Parklet do?

The new Outdoor Refreshment Area ordinance allows patrons of bars, restaurants, and performance venues within the O.R.A. boundary to possess and consume alcohol (in original packaging or glassware) at leased Parklets. No special cups or visible identifiers are needed. Patrons will need to acquire the alcohol from within the businesses existing ABC liquor license boundary where serving is authorized. Requests to expand or alter liquor license boundaries must be approved by ABC. The City of Fayetteville has no regulatory measures to adjust these boundaries. 

Parklet Permit Process

 On July 14, 2020 during a special City Council Meeting, the City Council adopted an emergency ordinance allowing for the installation of Parklet with an executed parking lease. The ordinance removed review and permitting requirements for Parklets. Restaurants, bars, performance venues, and cafes can utilize City owned Right- of- Way parking spaces with no review so long as the Parklet Design Guidelines and Regulations are followed. The ordinance allows businesses in paid parking areas to use up to three parking spaces for a parklet as long as they pay the daily rate for each space, which ranges from $2.50 per space near the downtown square to $5 per space in the Dickson Street entertainment district. Parking leases can be secured via parking@fayetteville-ar.gov

View the City of Fayetteville Parklet Design Guidelines and Regulations.