Evelyn Hills ORA

Evelyn Hills Outdoor Refreshment Area

On December 15, 2020 the Fayetteville City Council approved an ordinance designating the City's second 'Entertainment District' on Evelyn Hills. This district allows for alcoholic beverages to be consumed at sidewalk cafes and outdoor seating areas. The City Council also passed an emergency clause for the ordinance. This entertainment district will be active in the coming days. It is currently not active as staff completes the notification procedures required by Act 812. 

Dining District: Know the Rules

  • Patrons must obtain beverages from within an ABC permitted establishment.
  • Patrons can possess and consume alcoholic beverages in designated outdoor seating areas only.
  • Alcoholic beverages can be consumed in stemware, glass, plastic or original packaging so long as it does not exceed 16 fluid ounces.
  • Wait staff cannot serve alcoholic beverages anywhere outside of their ABC permit boundary. (This is State law.)
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot leave the designated seating area.
  • Don't give your beverage to anyone else, even if they are 21 years of age or older.
  • Drink responsibly, support businesses safely and enjoy the dining district.
  • All State of Arkansas and City of Fayetteville laws still apply.

Ordinance 6395

Evelyn Hills ORA Special Events

If an event organizer wishes to host an event on the property where a designated beer garden is not required, applicants shall complete a 'Notice of Proposed ORA Event' form to adjoining property owners and adjacent tenants. Outdoor Refreshment Areas in the City of Fayetteville were developed from robust communication and coordination- completion of this form ensures other parties which may be impacted by the event are informed, aware and have a chance to voice their support or concerns. 

  1. Download a 'Notice of Proposed ORA Event' Form; 
  2. Contact the Department of Economic Vitality at 479-575-8276 or CTan@fayetteville-ar.gov to inquire on which tenants or neighbors need to be notified; 
  3. Visit the listed businesses and property owners to obtain their signatures for the event. Should the applicant be unable to make personal contact at an address, a written notification flyer of the proposed event must be left at the property in a visible location; 
  4. Create a map of your proposed event area, annotate how the boundary will be marked, how patrons with access the area and alcohol will be maintained within your ABC approved liquor license boundary and designated event area;
  5. Submit the completed 'Notice of Proposed ORA Event' form and event map to the following email addresses:
  6. Once submitted the City will provide comments and approval or disapproval of the requested event. 

Serving of all alcohol must take place within your ABC-approved liquor license boundary. Possession and consumption of alcohol is only allowed within the designated ORA event area. 

COVID-19 and utilizing Act 812 as a tool to help restaurants during prolonged social distancing measures

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted certain industry sectors, restaurants, bars and performance venues are included in that category. Through the various necessary public health directives, private clubs were not given a chance to pivot or adapt through to-go sales in Arkansas. Given the prolonged impact to sales the pandemic has had and will continue to have due to reduced occupancy and consumer concerns, Act 812 can be a tool to help these businesses increase sales safely during this time.

The expansion of sidewalk cafés can increase occupancy for these businesses. Open air dining can allow for increased social distancing measures. Currently, Arkansas state law prohibits alcohol being served outdoors without fencing around the tables. This ordinance can eliminate that requirement for some businesses.

What does the Evelyn Hills ORA do?

The Evelyn Hills ORA enables patrons of restaurants within the center to consume alcoholic beverages at sidewalk cafes and expanded outdoor dining options within the center. 

Why is an ORA necessary?

Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) currently does not allow for alcoholic beverages to be consumed at outdoor seating in front of the establishments due to a private sidewalk, which is interrupted as 'public space', being between the business and the parking lot. Designating an Outdoor Refreshment Area on the property solves this issue. 

Evelyn Hills ORA Boundaries

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