Ongoing Waterline Replacement Projects

Ongoing Waterline replacement map with lines to be replaced highlighted in blue

What is this project?

This project consists of the design and re-construction of aging waterline infrastructure throughout the service area. Specific projects are chosen based on the utility's experience and knowledge of the system. These projects are designed in-house by the City's Engineering Division to save money on design costs, then are field inspected by City Staff as well.

Why is it important?

This project is important because the water infrastructure is constantly aging and must have ongoing replacements to avoid a mass of replacements needed at one time in the future. Replaced lines experience less leaks and are more reliable.

What is the current status?

This project consists of several sub-project areas, each with a different status. Sometimes projects are lumped together and bid as a single construction project for economy of scale. Current design areas include:

  • Huntsville Road (from E. MLK Blvd. to E. South St.) - Design completed, ADH Approval received. Waiting to lump with other projects for a 2021 Bid.
  • Ila Street (from Wilson Ave. to Lincoln Ave.) - Design ongoing. Project also includes replacement along Shady Ave. from Maple St. to Louise St.
  • Oaks Manor Drive (from Rolling Hills Dr. to Sheryl Ave.) - Design ongoing.
  • Persimmon Street (from Betty Jo Dr. to Shiloh Dr.) - Design ongoing. This project will connect an existing 12" waterline to the 36" transmission main per master plan recommendations.
  • Western Park Mobile Home Park (2575 W. MLK Blvd.) - Design ongoing. This project will replace aging small diameter lines that frequently leak. Lines will be replaced with 8" PVC lines and add fire hydrants.
  • City Lake Road (from 2793 City Lake Rd. to Pump Station Rd.) - Survey Collection ongoing. Replacing cast iron waterline with PVC.

When is completion expected?

Some of these projects will be bid and start construction in 2021, at that time this site will be updated to show projected completion dates.

How was this project funded?

Funds are budgeted each year within the Water System Rehabilitation/Replacement Project in the Utilities Department.