Kessler Mountain Booster Pump Station

Map of future Kessler mountain booster pump station, highlighted in red

What is this project?

This project consists of the design and construction of a water pumping station near the existing Kessler Mountain Ground Storage Tanks. This pumping station was recommended in both the 2017 Water Master Plan Update and the 2020 Water Quality Report.

Why is it important?

This project is important because the existing hydraulics and user demands of the water system do not allow the large Kessler tanks (6 Million Gallons each) to properly drain and fill, reducing the tanks' effectiveness. This also causes the remaining water tanks in the area to drain and fill more rapidly. This booster pumping station will allow operational flexibility to force the tanks to drain and fill, improving water quality and system hydraulic performance.

What is the current status?

This project is currently in the planning and design phase. Garver is the engineering firm designing these improvements to the water system.

When is completion expected?

The design will be completed in late 2021. After this, funds will be assessed and the project could be bid. Construction will take more than a year, so completion is not expected until 2023.

How was this project funded?

Funds are budgeted within the Water System Rehabilitation/Replacement Project in the Utilities Department.