Biosolids Management Site

The Biosolids Management Site (formerly known as the Farm Site, or Land Application Site), sits on 670 acres of Midland Bermuda fields and operational facilities that adjoin the Paul R. Noland Wastewater Treatment Facility property. The new name was given to accommodate the recent addition of a large-scale biosolids drying operation.

Nutrient Uptake Program

The property at the Biosolids Management Site is managed to provide nutrient uptake of phosphorous in the soil from past land application of biosolids.

Phosphorous uptake is achieved through effluent discharge mitigation, which supports the growth of grass. The grass is then cut, harvested as hay and sold to local residents and farmers.

Biosolids Drying Operation

Escalating landfill costs and concern about future environmental impact caused the City of Fayetteville to invest in other sustainable alternatives for managing wastewater treatment residuals, or biosolids. The process utilized by the Biosolids Management Site combines solar houses with a thermal heating unit to dry and create Class A biosolids. These Class A biosolids are sold to farmers and residents and beneficially reused as soil enhancement.

Photo Galleries

Parkson Solar Drying Houses

View photos of the Parkson solar drying houses, operational equipment and final product (dried biosolids) at the Biosolids Management Site.

Biosolids Management Site Dryer Facility

View photos of the thermal dryer facility at the Biosolids Management Site.


For questions concerning hay and fertilizer sales, contact 479-587-7128 or 479-443-3292.