YRCC Expansion

What is this project?

The Yvonne Richardson Community Center, a community center located on Rock Street in southeast Fayetteville, is going to be upgraded with a facility renovation. The center was built in 1996 and was funded by former University of Arkansas Men’s Basketball Coach Nolan Richardson in honor of his daughter, Yvonne, and was specifically built to provide programming for under-served families. It is staffed, operated, and maintained by the Fayetteville Parks & Recreation department. We would like to know what you would hope to see in such a center.

Why is it important?

The Yvonne Richardson Community Center is committed to shaping today's youth for tomorrow's challenges by providing recreational, educational, and social opportunities. After 25 years of operating in the existing space, improvements and enhancements are needed in order to continue to further reach and serve the community and carry out the mission of the center. 

What is the current status?

The expansion project is currently in the design phase. Staff, along with the help of a steering committee, is working with Miller Boskus Lack Architects to collect public input and design initial concepts for the expansion. 

How is it funded?

The YRCC Expansion Project was approved as a 2019 Bond Funded Project. Additional funding may be needed depending on the scope of the design and the interest of the community in renovation the center. 

Proposed Timeline

Two public input meetings were held in the summer of 2021. From October 1 - November 26, 2021, a public input questionnaire was available on Speak Up Fayetteville, the City's public engagement portal. Results from this questionnaire will be combined with all other responses to determine how the Yvonne Richardson Community Center can better serve its patrons. 

Public Engagement & Meetings

Public engagement meetings were recently held in February and March. Please check back here in the future for potential dates.