Parks Maintenance

The Parks Maintenance Division maintains the parks, trails, trees and gardens located on City property and street right-of-ways.

Parks Maintenance manages the programs listed below. Under these programs, crew members work on multiple projects, such as constructing and improving park infrastructure and preparing parks, trails and athletic fields for special events, tournaments and general use. The Division is also responsible for installing and maintaining landscaping, caring for trees, removing snow and ice in inclement weather, installing the Lights of the Ozarks display, and managing volunteers and cleanup events.

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Construction and Facilities Maintenance

The Construction and Facilities Crew is responsible for the facility maintenance of park amenities. They manage in-house park construction projects, coordinate and manage subcontractors for contracted work, and oversee the maintenance and operation of the Wilson Park Pool and Walker Park splash-pad.

Grounds and Trails

The Grounds and Trails Crew is responsible for the mowing and general upkeep of all parks and trails within the City. This includes maintenance of restrooms, managing trash and recycling receptacles, trail sweeping and debris removal, and graffiti removal.

Turf and Athletic Field Maintenance

The Turf and Athletic Crew is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all athletic facilities. This includes preparing fields for league games, tournaments, and rentals, and managing the turf maintenance. This crew also manages the artificial turf surfaces, painting field lines and setting up soccer goals.

Forestry Services

The Forestry Crew is responsible for all tree maintenance in Parks, Trails, Street ROW, and other City-owned properties. This includes planting, pruning, watering, and hazard removal.


The Horticulture Crews maintain the landscaped gardens in Parks and other City-owned properties. Wilson Park Gardens and the Square Gardens are the two primary gardens with other gardens located in parks and streetscapes.


Parks Maintenance manages the Outdoor Volunteering Program. Volunteers help maintain Fayetteville's public outdoor spaces, including parks, trails, streets and rights-of-way, creeks and forested areas, and keep them free of litter through the Adopt program and special volunteer events. Learn how to get involved with the Outdoor Volunteering program.