Fayetteville's Outdoor Volunteer Program offers numerous opportunities for residents to get engaged and help keep our town clean, healthy and beautiful! 

Stewardship Volunteers take care of our city's public outdoor spaces, including:

  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Streets and Right-of-Way Spaces
  • Creeks
  • Urban and Parkland Forests
  • By donating refreshments or items to support volunteer events.

Check out the following ways that you you can get involved and make a difference in our community!

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Who can volunteer?

Everyone is welcome! Nonprofit organizations, Corporations, Businesses, Clubs, Master Gardeners and Naturalists, Neighborhood Associations, Scouts and Individuals are volunteers.

Volunteer Options:

  • Officially “adopt” a spot – three times per year and commit to continue.
  • Work on an “as-needed” basis – periodically with no long-term commitment.
  • Work on a special project or process – examples include Eagle Scouts, Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists, or an ongoing habitat restoration.
  • Donate!

Adopt Your Outdoors

Are you interested in helping to maintain the outdoor spaces that you love? Volunteers who adopt spaces for cleanups and invasive removals provide a valuable service to the community by helping to ensure that we have a clean, beautiful, and healthy environment where we live and play. In exchange for committing to three cleanups per year, adopting groups will have their name inscribed on a sign that is installed at their adopted facility.

Learn more or adopt now!

Annual and Special Volunteer Events

Fayetteville regularly teams up with community partners throughout the year to host annual cleanups and events, such as spring and fall lake cleanups, invasive pulls and the annual Earth Day Celebration.  

Sign up for text or email notifications about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Select “Volunteer Opportunities” then follow the prompts. You can also check out the Volunteer Calendar to learn more about these events.

Host a Cleanup

Want to give back to your community? Gather your friends, family, or co-workers for a fun day of stewardship around Fayetteville. We will help you find a spot, provide cleanup supplies, and we will pick up the trash once you are done with your cleanup.

Call 479-444-3467 or send a message to find out more or to set up a cleanup.

Business Donations

We realize that it is sometimes difficult for businesses to have their teams volunteer together due to work hours, but there are still ways you can support community stewardship efforts! We are always in need of donations for volunteer events, and volunteers greatly appreciate the support and recognition of their work from the local business community.

Businesses interested in ongoing support may be interested in our Business Adopt Program, wherein businesses may donate product, typically food, beverages, and snacks for events, in exchange for a sign at one of our "adopt" locations.

Report Your Hours

Did you know that Fayetteville has been recognized as an Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year since 2009? This wouldn't be possible without the countless hours our volunteers spend giving back to the community every day.

If you've helped with our Outdoor Volunteering Program, please report your hours here to help us recognize and track your contributions.