Wilson Park Improvements

What is this Project?

The new hub building located in the center of the park is under construction and replaces the old restroom building with a new structure that includes restrooms, a community information board, spaces for patrons to socialize and a changeable mural. Located between sand volleyball, basketball, tennis and the future pickleball courts, the hub will be a great place for park patrons to meet friends and family.

This project is partially funded by the Park Improvement Bond approved by Fayetteville residents in 2019.

Why is it Important?

Wilson Park is one of Fayetteville's oldest and most popular parks. The improvements will create a central area near the courts and trail for residents to gather and will support programming such as summer camps while also protecting the natural environment.

What is the Current Status?

Updated 7/7/2023

Work on the project is anticipated to be completed in November of 2023.

Construction Schedule

  • January 2023: Fence and storm water pollution prevention
  • January-March: Building demolition
  • March-April: Laying of foundation and slabs
  • July: Building in dry
  • October 2023: Building complete 

Project Progress Photos

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